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The Online Real Estate Industry is a multi-billion dollar thriving industry, despite reports.



All you need is leverage.


The Only Real Estate PLR Articles That Gets You There Right Into the Center of Arguably All Profitable Niche Market Segments In The Real Estate Industry, online, RIGHT AWAY !



Dear Digital Entrepreneurs,

To say that the online real estate industry is worth multi-billion dollars is not somewhat an exaggeration. With the US real estate market size of at least $15 trillion and the multi-billion dollar online deals that are making waves recently, one couldn't agree with me more on this. 

Although US home sales reported a drop in 2014, the ability to close 4.9 million home deals is a rather a big deal for a digital  entrepreneur like me. Construction spending for residential homes reached $550 billion in 2014 and will, in my opinion will grow even further.  Median sales price of new and existing homes has never been seen in such an affordable light since price appreciation is decelerating making it very attractive to first time home buyers in search for a place to live in for the longer term.

If you find that these figures and opportunities are too small for your appetite to profit from, this website is not for you.

Forget about the big picture, ignore the decline. Unless your goal for the year is to make your first multi-million dollar, let's go for what's at stake !


Source : JCHS Harvard, NAR.

' The ability to reach out with Real Estate PLR Articles is far wider than you think ... "

US Real Estate has always been lucrative for digital entrepreneurs, irregardless !

( Home Buying & Selling Research Activity Starts On The Web! )

As you might already know in a NAR survey that tell us 90% of US home buyers uses the internet to search for homes and 32% connected with their real estate agents, going online the first time and 39% of all US real estate investments comes from the first time home buyer segment of the market. 62% actually walk through a home they were interested in, ONLINE.

There is not a single  doubt that a lot of heavy home buying activity is happening online !


Source : REALTORS®


go online to buy or sell homes.


connected with a real estate agent online.


walked through their homes online.


   real estate transactions starts online.









Their Problem : Your Opportunity !!

Individual Home Sellers, Buyers and Investors ( not to mention Traditional Real Estate Agents, Realtors and Brokers  ) are not fully maximizing lead capture opportunities online to their full potential. They want the easy way out - using cold hard cash to buy leads, and/or finding the best platforms for listings and advertising. They want fast, quick results.

Most are aware of email drip campaigns, but not all are getting the type of leads they prefer or want, because they are not spending enough time to craft their funnel to qualify their leads, or spending more time to understand the mechanics of lead capture in digital marketing

Instead they spend too much time on social networks when the deals they want to close is on SEARCH. And the fact is



( query + answers = solved )


Here Is The Fact :

Most of us still fail to realize that potential buying lies in the `search' mentality.

It is only when your potential customers starts to search `for more' , the buying decision is gaining towards a confirmation of purchase.

You just cannot close a deal with the level of success you expect on social networks that are full of tyre-kickers and opinion, comment mongers ! Social networks are made for socializing and networking, not for the goal of `purchasing or buying' purposes.

Hell, Mark Zuckerberg was even reluctant to sell ads on Facebook in first place!

You just cannot get the leads you want or prefer if you are busy building your credibility and `showing off' your thoughts instead of addressing the `buying' (or selling ) needs of your traffic.

Your content must be a funnel to sell, not a thought factory that explores the minds of your traffic !


Dominate their ignorance, and plant your seeds today !!!


" The role of Real Estate PLR Articles in digital marketing has become an essential strategy in driving traffic to sites for SEO professionals. "


Here Is Quick Tip for 2015 :


The Key Is To Identify Which Real Estate Market Area That Is Going To Drive Growth & Yeilds.


Now that you know you can gain entry sideways and dominate where the industry pros let off a huge slip, there is more to it. There will be others who are taking the same pathway to tap into the available search opportunities. So to iron clad your strategy in gaining your space, you need to drill down your niche markets in areas where it all matters. For example, some locations might be performing better than others. Some states might grow faster, some might stagnate, etc.

You must watch these shared videos below:-





... and invest into a proven content

marketing source that focus on direct

traffic building !!!


Once you have decided which location or market segment you want to target at, its time for you to build your content asset resources. Unlike in the past, text articles were used as the core of any content marketing campaigns. Today a real estate content marketing strategy consist of multi-formatted text converted to a myriad of content types to be presented on multi-platforms for easy access.

Hence, the basis of all real estate content creation is still - text articles.

" Today the value of Real Estate PLR Articles is treated as a commodity in a world where content assets are tangible in dollars and cents. "

Multi-screen adopted content means opportunity to getting connected with your potential leads at all times!

Multi-formatted content to tap into your audience preferences and their ability to gain faster access.

Sufficient researched text sources on every significant topic in real estate to last on autopilot.


Real Estate web and content

 properties are making their

marks in 2014. What About You?

( Your online real estate marketing investments should too ! )


Zillow Could Reach $50B Market Cap, Hedge Fund Says

Zillow's growth would be reached by monetizing its audience share, which is 18 times greater than its share of ad revenue, the Reuters report said.'s operator bought by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

News Corp and Move, Inc. announced today that News Corp has agreed to acquire Move, a leading online real estate business that brings consumers and REALTORS® together to facilitate the sale and rental of real estate in the United States.Move Inc. content advantage makes it well positioned to capitalize on the fast-growing US online real estate sector and the world's largest residential real estate market.

British Property Website Zoopla Valued at $1.5 Billion in I.P.O.

Zoopla Property Group, a British real estate listings website, was valued at more than $1.5 billion in its initial public offering in London on Wednesday.

China real estate websites firm Leju files for IPO of up to $200 mln

Leju Holdings Ltd, a China-based operator of real estate websites, filed with U.S. regulators on Wednesday to raise up to $200 million in an initial public offering of its common shares. Leju, a unit of E-House China Holdings Ltd, offers real estate e-commerce and online advertising and listing services in China.



Its Content that drives Traffic,

not platforms !

( Its about time you build yourself a Real Estate Content Marketing strategy. )


Major real estate platforms like Zillow, Trulia, use content marketing strategies as one of their core approach to get traffic. By driving traffic through external content and conversations, only then they are able to retain these unique visits by providing useful interfaces, listing services and community resources.

The point is, `traffic' must come from somewhere. And that somewhere must be a proven path. And we know that the best way to reach out to drive in loads of unique visits starts with content. And lots of content.

So the question is, why are you still focused on social and/or ppcs and ppl, instead of building yourself a solid real estate content strategy for the longer term in your online ventures?

 " Content Strategy that deploy Real Estate PLR Articles will survive the long term traffic tests "

Imagine, without User Generated Content, these content centric platforms below would be out of business and worth absolutely nothing !


online press release companies

private label rights content publishers

user- generated article directories

syndicated news services



The truth is there are

TWO types of CONTENT being

used for TRAFFIC,

Simultaneously !






You might be asking , why can't you use good quality original content and build high volume qualified traffic at the same time?

The answer is, you can, but let's face it, one piece of viral content is not good enough for long term recurring traffic that is substantial enough to convert at a satisfactory rate.

A lot of Real Estate PLR articles are great in quality, original in ideas the moment they were published the first time on the web. They have had their fair share of `first burst' traffic which is just as good as your authentic, originally written content that went viral yesterday. Its value are still intact as far as driving traffic is concern. With a little ingenuity and re-writing capabilities, it is proven to gain as much viral traffic as a new one with the right touch. The idea here is to improve upon the older version of a chosen real estate plr article. To give it depth and a more up to date treatment. Just like re-making a movie and getting blockbuster results.

When used cohesively with a string of closely related subjects or topics, it can drive the most consistent results.

Real estate plr article deployment works. It drives traffic and converts just as good as any digital marketing strategy.

" Real Estate PLR Articles continue to exist in the web eco-system  "


Now You Know Why You Are Still Not Getting The Volume of Traffic for that piece of breakthrough content you wrote awhile ago, while some platforms get hoards of it even for basic, standard content ! 

Its all about your Content Marketing Strategy. Do you have one?


To Capture Leads You Need `Pre-

Sell Content' To Succeed.


( Its a numbers game before you even start your relationship building efforts )

Not all content drives `buying traffic'. Not all real estate text content are written for the `pre-sell' funnel. There for it is crucial to know how to identify a content that is written for pre-selling.

Here is what you want to look for :-

1. a solution to one specific problem - you want the focus of the content to magnify a specific problem, because this will immediately zero in on the right target market that is qualified for your lead capture goal or sales conversion.

2. there is a build up towards `desire to have' in the body content - when you read the article or the structure of the content, you can experience the growing `pain' of the problem.

3. is the keyword optimized for that piece of content a buying keyword or an intensive research topic to make a buying decision?

4. Is the headline optimized to resonate with the emotional needs of your target market?

5. does that specific content appeal to your target profile you have had set out for your lead capture campaign?

Pre-sell text content must provide value and have the ability to create the desire to know more at an instance. It must drive the audience to elevate its desire to have a particular problem solved and is motivated to take action by clicking on a link for more information on what you have to offer.

By focusing on pre-selling, relationship building with the lists you captured will become far less intensive and more `commerce' friendly because they are mostly ready to buy from you.

Hence, this is where Real Estate PLR Articles come into the picture to complete your pre-sell Content Marketing Strategy.

" Using real estate plr articles to capture leads lets you zero in on specific target profiles of your choice "


Here is why you should use Real

Estate PLR content to drive



1.You need to reach out to different target profiles and specific demographics that are lurking on a host of different user interfaces, web platforms and online hangouts.

2. You want proven content that are popular and `in-demand', so that you can build an improved version that is much better than the original to reap better results.

3. You want to profit from content with keywords and keyphrases that has been growing and proven throughout the years in search volumes and interesting, relevant topics, quickly and consistently.

4. You DO NOT want to depend on `onsite' optimization of your original content alone, because viral traffic does and will die down more quickly than redirected traffic from long term targeted pre-sell plr content.

5.Your want the opportunity to be in front of your potential leads the moment they want to make a buying decision to give them the multi-layered information they need immediately, all of it this instance instead of writing 2 blogposts a week.

6. And finally, You want Traffic thats far and wide, search volumes that matters and traffic far beyond the search engines that can let you build and expand your LIST faster, quicker and more targeted.



Your Front-Line Marketing for your Backend profits ( Your Email Lists! )


Its time to take action for your 2015 lead generation goals and make online real estate plr content work for you today !


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